Andrew Gillies


My work resides at the intersection of mechanical engineering, materials science and biology. I am most interested in taking inspiration from biological systems to create controllable materials through novel passive mechanisms. Creating these controllable materials generally involves the design, fabrication and testing of nano to meso-scale structures. I am currently working on the gecko synthetic adhesive project in the Biomimetic Millisystems lab under Ron Fearing.

Here’s some stuff I’m currently working on:

  • Microconnectors for modular robotics
  • 2 and 3 Axis force-displacement material characterization
  • Dry-self cleaning of hard and soft polymer fibrillar surfaces
  • Shear limits of nano-fibrillar surfaces
  • Legged robot foot testing
  • Dynamic climbing using gecko adhesives
  • Active control of fibrillar surfaces for self-cleaning

You can find my CV here.