A couple hours hiking brought us to 10,800 ft, where we set up our basecamp saturday. Then, on sunday we got up at 3:30am and went for the summit. Unfortunately, it had snowed up there 1.5 weeks ago, and there was awful sugary 12 in deep snow all over everything, making all the scrambling extremely challenging. Nonetheless, we pushed on, until we got to the actual climbing. Somewhere along the way I made a routefinding error, and we got pushed off course onto some 4th class hairy terrain. We decided that all the loose snow was making the moves kind of dicey, and that we’d better turn around. It took us forever to downclimb; we were totally beat. We didnt make it back to our basecamp until about 5:30pm, and we still had to hike back to the car. It got dark, and we ended up hiking back for 4 hours in the dark. Back at the car at 9:30pm made our day 17 hours of continuous hiking and climbing. it was a little out of control. Then, for better or worse, car troubles pinned us down in Big Pine for the night. We finally got back to berkeley at about 5pm the next day.


Heres a link to the pictures: